Who are your top three customer segments and where are their customer journeys?

This was one of the first diagnostic questions asked as part of the discovery of a multi-million dollar, enterprise, digital transformation effort.

It’s a great question to ask when assessing the digital maturity of an organization. It brings clarity to the investment made in the customer experience and the focus on meeting customer needs.

Knowing who the organization serves and what their needs are helps prioritize efforts. Even if the objective is to modernize the enterprise technical architecture, it’s important to know who the effort supports. It’s difficult to demonstrate value if the project can’t point back to the customer base and the fulfillment of a need.

How do you begin?

Look at your day-to-day efforts? Who do you serve? At a high-level you should be able to say something like, “we serve constituents primarily from the Mid-West who need us to advocate for a living wage.”

Next, what do your constituents do? What sector do they work within? A good example would be, “we serve blue collar, working class men and women who we work in manufacturing.”

And, finally what does their day look like? Do they work 9-5? Do they use technology in the job? Consider this, “we serve constituents that work hard every day; taking two 15 minute breaks, and one half hour lunch.”


Getting the picture

So, your digital transformation project serves working class, blue collar, men and women, who work 9-5 that need someone to advocate on their behalf for a living wage who live in the Mid-West. Now, you can align who they are and what your transformation should do for them. This is a great way to prove value and start from an empathetic point of view.

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