The top five questions you need to answer before your digital transformation

Know the why

Why digital transformation?

You are likely doing more in the cloud these days than five years ago and you’ve heard that focusing on your customers is the way to go.

But have you asked why you need digital transformation? The answers to this question should speak to market conditions, organizational culture needs, and customer expectations.

Know the who

Who is leading the transformation effort?

Most efforts originate with IT or Marketing. However, your success will be in how well the effort brings in the entire organization. This is not a time to stay in silos.

Gain buy-in

Do you have buy-in from the top?

CEOs are facing ever increasing pressure to deliver to the street. Sometimes there is an appetite for large, expensive initiatives and sometimes not. Either way without buy-in from the top success will be limited to just a project or larger program. Get the C-Suite onboard by understanding the pressure and focus on outcomes.

Get help

Do you have the right partners?

If your digital transformation effort originated with IT you’re going to deal with lots of providers and partners saying they “do digital”. Digital transformation is all encompassing. You need a cadre of providers with specialized expertise in digital marketing, customer experience, design, content, cloud, product, strategy, and security.


Who can I learn from?

Reach out via LinkedIn or other online community to see what others have encountered during their transformations. Have coffee with a digital transformation expert who can tell you what they’ve seen over the years. It’s important to know what you’re getting into and build a community of support.

Need help now? Call your digital transformation expert today!